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History and Background

Originally founded in 2019 in Torreón, Mexico under the name Mr. Pap's, however, due to Andres moving to the United States to marry Sylvia, they decided to bring it together to Orem, UT under the name Papa Chulo. It formally started operations in May 2023.

At Papa Chulo, we seek to unite two neighboring countries, Mexico and the United States, through the combination of our product. We believe that we all have our own cultures, but those cultures can come together and create one big family. Through Respect, Commitment, Humility, and Responsibility, we strive to provide you

with the best experience!

Social or Environmental Commitment

At Papa Chulo, we care about the environment

and strive to reduce our impact. We use local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible, and promote recycling and waste reduction practices in our daily operations.

1220 S State St Orem, UT 84097
(541) 219 6467
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